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Michelle Woodruff, LMT, retired PTA

Michelle worked for 30 years in traditional healthcare as a physical therapist assistant with 20 of those years as a massage therapist. She is an author, podcaster and educator. She was able to fuse traditional approachs with complementtary approahes to yield the greatest results for her patients. Some of the approaches used include myofascial release, craniosacral therapy, lymphatic drainage and acupressure. She has recently added EFT/Tapping to her approaches. She has worked the full life spectrum from her position as a birthing doula and treating colic to hospice care. She has an extensive background working with neuological and orthopedic clients, as well as women's health and pediatrics. 

Michelle began her career in physical therapy following a minor injury she sustained while dancing. She holds a degree in both Dance and Psychology. Once she obtained her license as a PTA, she quickly accelerated her skills in manual therapies as her movement background provided her with a comprehensive approach to integrating body, mind, spirit and emotion. 

Complementary approaches were instrumental in her recovery from a spinal cord injury when in her 30's, a spinal cord injury that left her with lower extremity, bowel and bladder paralysis. During that recovery, she utilized complementary and traditional medical approaches.

She often works with difficult to treat clients who have exhausted other means of treatment. Learn more about Michelle at her website: