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Myofascial STL Plus
A Center for Complementary Health Services

Myofascial STL Plus is a Complementary Health Services clinic, founded by Mary Felling, PT originally as the Myofascial Treatment Center in the year 2000, our was born out of the need for non- pharmaceutical and hands-on approaches to treating pain, dysfunction, stress and anxiety. Integrative bodywork (specialized therapies) are applied in a one hour, one-on-one treatment session in a compassionate and relaxed atmosphere. As healing is expedited by gratitude, clients have the opportunity to complete a gratitude or thank you note prior to entering the session. Thank you notes will be mailed by Myofascial STL Plus and gratitude notes will be collected at the center. As it is the goal of the Myofascail STL Plus to assist each client in accessing their innate healing ability, each client will be asked to state an intention prior to each session. An intention can be as simple as "to get rid of this neck pain" or as complex as "to understand why my knee always hurts". 


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