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The Myofascial Therapy was very soothing as well as immediately easing the aches I had in many places in my body. Mary was able to find just the right spot to work on. I always left the session feeling relaxed, more flexible, and peaceful.
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Two things that set Myofascial Physical Therapy apart from my previous experiences at other physical therapy facilities are:
1. Treatment by a Physical Therapist during my entire Physical Therapy appointment at the Myofascial Treatment Center. Previous Physical Therapy appointments at other facilities consisted of evaluation by a Physical Therapist and then for the rest of the appointments assigned to an aide to do exercises I was going to do at home until I was discharged by a Physical Therapist upon release.
2. At the Myofascial Treatment Center my Physical Therapist was expert at recognizing where my pain was located and then tracing the facia to other places on my body where she needed to work. As a result I got much better sooner and quicker than my other experiences. JF
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Before I went to the Myofascial Treatment Center I was having a lot of issues with chronic fatigue, muscle tightness and myofascial pain. Mary was able to help me work through all my problems. If you have been to doctors, tried other treatments, surgery or been on various drugs that didn't work, this is the place you need to be. I highly recommend Mary and her staff.
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Over the years I have utilized several different physical therapists. To date, no one has matched the individual care, time and concern that Mary has shown to me and my wife. This diminutive lady "with the iron fingers" has brought relief to my shoulders and back on several occasions. She has been demonstrating true professional experience with her myofascial manipulations and provides alternative strength exercises and stretching techniques supporting her actions. Neither my wife or I have ever experienced a therapist who spends the entire, full hour session with us. Mary is a very compassionate person whose primary concern is her clients. We will always go to Mary as our primary for Physical Therapy needs.
Denny & Penny S
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Myofascail therapy was recommended by my niece who experienced great success. So, I did some research and tried it with wonderful success on my knee. Then zen-like atmosphere and hands-on attention was more effective for me than a routine on machines. Do your home exercise to support your office visits. The staff is very kind, considerate and timely.
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I feel Mary's approach to Physical Therapy is an effective hands-on treatment that cured my neck problem. I had gone to 3 other practitioners (2 PT's & Chiro) with no relief. 3 months seeing Mary eliminated my pain. I recommend her regularly. The Myofascial being in line is essential. Thanks Mary!
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The setting at Myofascial Treatment Center is very warm and cozy. Mary is very kind and professional and makes sure you are very comfortable while you have your session. Those who come to the center will surely have wonderful results. See the original


Immediately as you enter the center you feel the relaxed serenity, I have always likened it to a haven. The office welcomes you with genuine care and integrity of respected professionalism; this professionalism follows through your office visit. Mary was highly recommended by my sister. I had tried traditional physical therapy for a frozen shoulder which was not helpful on any level in fact making things worse. Mary works in the approach of not only treating they physical issue at hand but applies her great wealth of knowledge and skill with her gifted abilities with the understanding and importance of treating, addressing the whole system, the physical, mind, spirit with her complete dedication for each patient. Staying humbled at all times which says so much of her unassuming nature. Mary is remarkable, gentle, caring, filled with angelic compassion. An incredible woman that has the centering grounded natural abilities unlike anyone I have yet to encounter. I have encouraged over the eight, nine years to friends and to others when hearing of their needs when first meeting them to see Mary and have life changing results when like myself have not been obtained elsewhere. On a deeper level that imprints my own personal experience with the immense beauty of peace with connecting to my soul surpasses anything else and words don't give it the clarity, the magnitude. Thank You Mary!!!
Susie P
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Going to the Myofascial Treatment Center was the first time since I was injured in Vietnam that I received any significant relief without using any prescription drugs. Even comparing the relief I experienced, with Myofascial treatment, it was better and more significant than the drug therapies that I had been taking. Everyone at the Center was devoted to my care and relief. I cannot thank them enough.
Charles B
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The Myofascial Treatment Center offers the most thorough and conscientious evaluation of my physical therapy needs. Their "hands-on" approach is fundamental to their success and my well being.
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The pain I had in my neck and upper back area were debilitating. I spent months going through traditional physical therapy to no avail. At the conclusion of my second stint of traditional physical therapy the pain did not go away and I was unable to live my active lifestyle. Then the diagnosis "it's because you're getting older" came into play. I knew that was not the case so I reached out again to my Primary Care doctor who in turn recommended I try the Myofascial treatment approach through the Myofascial Treatment Center in Kirkwood, MO.

I never knew this type of hands on treatment existed and I was willing to try most anything to get help. I made the appointment and within a few sessions with Mary Felling began to experience some relief. One day during one of the hands on stretching procedures with Mary I felt a surge of relief in my back and neck. I'll never forget that moment and it was the beginning of my road to recovery. Two or three sessions after that experience I was able to slowly resume my active lifestyle. I 'm truly grateful for being introduced to this hands on method of treatment and I recommend it to anyone that is suffering from joint, back, or neck discomfort especially if you have been given the diagnosis "it's because you're getting older." Try a couple of sessions with Mary at the Myofascial Treatment Center before you accept that diagnosis. I did and I'm happy I did.
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The best part about receiving treatment at the Myofascial Center is the long term pain relief I received for my low back pain. I think you get those kind of results because of Mary's skill and the one on one attention you receive during your session.
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Mary Felling helped me recover from a severe lower back ailment. Her therapy is an amazing experience in both addressing the problem and understanding how our bodies work. I now have maintenance procedures to keep me on track. So comforting to know who to see for any chronic problem!
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I've always been lucky- Read an article on Myofascial treatment and decided to give it a try- Felt results within two treatments headaches and pain- more sure of my footing.
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I had low back pain due to arthritis. I spend few months going to chiropractic and results very positive but not good enough.

Then I had a few sessions with Mary and I am now in much better shape-practically without pain.

Mary spends whole hour working on your muscles and this really makes a difference. Yevgeniy K
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"For the past year I have suffered from severe pain in my neck and consequently have lost a fair amount of movement in it. It was diagnosed by an orthopedic surgeon as osteoarthritis, and I was given a prescription for medication and was sent to physical therapy. After two months of very little relief, I was just about ready to throw in the towel, when I mentioned the problem to my internist who recommended that I see Mary Felling at the Myofascial Treatment Center, and for that I have been truly grateful. Within a few appointments I was already experiencing relief, and, as I continue my therapy, my range of movement in my neck has greatly improved. I appreciate the individual appointment attention given to me, and not only neck but several other problem areas of my body have also improved. The Staff at the Myofascial Treatment Center is friendly and very knowledgeable and treat the whole body, not just one area. I heartily recommend this treatment and this center."
-- Ruth


"I have a long-standing, chronic pain condition called fibromyalgia. I searched for years to find a treatment to help me. I finally found that help at the Myofascial Treatment Center. Within weeks of my starting treatment I found my pain levels had dropped, I was sleeping better and had more energy. Since then I've seen my migraine headaches reduced to just a few a year. My intestinal problems, IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) have improved tremendously. As the treatments continued to help I was able to start doing more physically including weekend trips out of town that I had been unable to do.

"The staff has a hands on therapy approach. They are with you for the whole treatment time. They are respectful of your needs, your time and your desire for complete recovery.

"In the peaceful, private environment they provide I have learned so much more about the amazing connection between your body and your mind. These treatments can be so much more than body work if you want it to be. In learning how the mind and body work together I have found a deeper spiritual connection that has touched me to the foundations of my being."
-- Michele


"I am a practicing general Dentist and a sore back is a professional given. So when I decided to go to the Philmont Scout Ranch with my three sons I knew I had to do something or come back injured. I went to Mary prior to the trek. Over the period of a few months not only did she help get me in shape she gave me exercises to do on the trek to stay in shape. I came back from the trek healty and thanks to Mary and still practicing Dentistry pain free.

"I would strongly recommend Mary to anyone."
-- Allan


" In the past three years, I have been treated by the therapists at the Myofascial Treatment Center. This involved myofascial physical therapy for rehabilitation after two disc surgeries and a shoulder replacement. The quality of their knowledge and skill using hands on treatment has allowed me to return to full functioning.

"Both my neurosurgeon and orthopedic surgeon were both very impressed with my recovery.

"At 81 years of age, I do not require a walker or cane and am able to walk a mile or more each day. I'm pain free and very grateful."
-- Joan


"Mary Felling has been a great aid to my pregnant patients, and gynecologic patients as well, over many years of practice. She is a very good communicator and patients have enjoyed great relief from their musculoskeletal pains with her treatment. I always get good feedback from Mary and keep her business card close by to refer patients to rapidly. I wholeheartedly recommend her."
-- Thomas P. Shaner M.D.