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Integrative Bodywork

Michelle provided Myofascial Release to help me with my shoulder pain and decreased range of motion over 22 years ago. This treatment was extremely helpful and effective and allowed me to improve functionality for both my activities of daily living and physical work duties. Throughout the years, Michelle has also helped me with other physical ailments which has immensely helped me function in life. Additionally, she helped my now ex-husband after his cancerous spinal cord tumor removal surgery to help him walk again and with his bowel amd bladder function. 

Also, she helped all three of my children. My daughter was a thumb sucker and she was starting to get buck teeth. After Michelle released her palate, my daughter quit sucking her thumb and she never needed braces. 

She helped one of my sons with ear and sensory issues. She provided Myofascial Release treatment soon after his birth and he was a very healthy baby/child. 

Michelle is very professional and educates and provides heplful services to maintain a healthy and efficient body. I highly recommend her.

Martha H.


Integrative Bodywork

I highly recommend seeing Michelle. She is unique and truly talented in her profession. She has been blessed with many abilities. She will take time to really know and understnad her clients and know what is the best treatment for each individual. 

Maureen G


Integrative Bodywork/Infant

Healing people is where your calling has been for many years. We met almost 20 years ago when my daughter Autumn was having stomach issues. After many visits you were able to help Autumn with her digestive situation. Michelle is a fabulous person and a very caring professional to have in your corner. Welcome back to healing patients. We'll all be better for it. 

Rich G.


Integrative Bodywork

Michelle has helped me in ways that words will never be able to express. My young daughter, starting at age 3 has had stomach issues.  No one in the medical field knows what is wrong. Michelle has been working on V for 3 years and with body work has helped pin down the source of her stomach pain, helped with night terrors and other related issues.  I now have a happy little girl thanks to Michelle's help.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  From a grateful parent. 



Integrative Bodywork

Michelle is amazing!! She helped my son when he was in car accident in the third grade. He had trouble sleeping and concentrating.

Carrie K


Intergrative Bodywork

Michelle is a warm, compasionate practitioner who has a special way of connecting with her clients. She is able to get right to the heart of various issues with her many gifted abilities. I received craniosacral work with Michelle in the past and just recently she was kind enough to make a house call to work with my dad following surgery. I'm forever grateful for her kindness and abilities. 

Kelly G


Interative Bodywork

Michelle saved me from surgery over 18 years ago! I had a bulding disc in my neck and my docor gave me a card to call a surgeon. Before I succumbed to surgery, I made an appointment with Michelle, from a friend's recommendation. Best decision! Michelle did Myofascial Release and mypaon slowly diminished after several treatments. I have seen Michelle through the years for knee and jaw issues and it is always helpful. She is extremely knowledgeable about the body. I'm so thankful for Michelle.

Stacy W


Lymphatic Drainage

I have used Mchelle Woodruff and was very pleased with her services. I had a tooth removed and a root canal. Once home, the pain was unbearable. After just one session, within a hour the pain was gone and never returned. I would highly recommend Michelle.

Karen S.