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Corrective Exercise Specialty

Working out with any pain or compromised function puts our bodies at risk. Exercise routines and Fitness programs (weights, Zumba, Pilates etc.) are not "one size fits all" and most of us have something that holds us back from putting maximum effort in to our work outs. At the Myofascial Treatment Center, we can customize your current wok outs to provide the results you want while protecting and healing sore/inflamed/injured areas.

In a one on one session at your place of fitness, we will identify the conditions to be considered in your work out and the degree to which modifications are necessary. A progression of exercises for the compromised areas will be put in place until you are ready for full participation. We will educate you about your particular condition putting you in control in future work outs. One or two follow ups of shorter duration ensure the success of the program in place.

In the end, you will be able to return to maximum participation in your fitness program for the results you have been working for!