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Pelvic Floor pain and dysfunction

A wide variety of pelvic floor issues are treated here. Many people suffer in silence not knowing that there is relief available other than prescription medication and surgery.

Our patients tell us they have received improvement/resolve in their conditions when previously told all they could hope for is a pill to manage the pain.

A restriction in the pelvic floor can produce pain or malfunction in these delicate tissues. For example, the fascia tightening around the bladder can limit the bladder's potential to enlarge sufficiently, creating the need to urninate frequently or painfully. A cough or sneeze will cause urine to seep out since there is no give to the bladder.

A malaligned coccyx can cause a multitude of problems in the rectum, pelvic area and impact back and neck pain, and headaches. A hard fall on to the tailbone or childbirth can cause malalignment. Typical symptoms in a female are inability to sit for long periods, cystitis, and declining quality of sexual relationships.

Menstrual and PMS symptoms are improved consistently with Myofascial techniques. Imagine the fascia tightening like a powerful three-dimensional net around the pelvic structures. Then as the woman bloats as her menstrual cycle begins, the combination of fascial tightness and increasing internal pressure begins to exert heavy pressure on nerves, blood vessels, etc. and the cramps begin, the back tightens and all the other unpleasant effects are a reaction to the abnormal internal pressure.

Male pelvic floor

A feeling of a "golf ball in the rectum" is not uncommon. When the multiple muscular attachments to the coccyx and pelvis are compromised it exerts undo pressures into areas of the pelvic floor and consequently felt in the rectum. Hernia surgeries and trauma to the hips and tailbone from sporting accidents are included in their impact on male pelvic floor pain and dysfunction.

Pelvic floor treatment is done internally through the vaginal canal or rectally depending on the desired results.

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