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Plantar Fasciitis

Is it painful to put weight on your feet? If so, you may be experiencing plantar fasciitis: a condition of the sole of the feet where the connective tissue has become inflamed.

The onset can be due to a multitude of reasons. Tight hamstrings, a job requiring one to be on their feet all day, overuse in heel cords/calf muscle by athletes, poor structural alignment of the hip, incorrect foot wear and more can contributed to conditions that produce inflammation along the bottom of the foot.

At The Myofascial Treatment Center, we address the source of the problem and not just the symptoms. By evaluating the entire system, we can better isolate the cause creating the tension in the sole of the feet. Once the underlying cause is identified, treatment begins along with a home exercise program and self-treatment regimen. Often our clients receive treatment other than to their feet. Sometimes just correcting rotated pelvis' and relieving myofascial restrictions in the pelvic floor, and muscles of the low back, hips and legs, the symptoms in their feet begin to diminish. As the body returns to it's natural alignment and tension is taken out of the system, the feet no longer have the compressing forces exerted upon them from the associated areas above. Attention then can be given to the feet to complete the treatment.