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Athletic Injuries

Whether you're an elite athlete or an over 50 adult, recovering from injuries effectively and permanently is key to maintaining your current level of fitness. In addition, preventing future injuries goes even further to help you continually progress your work outs in good health.

At the Myofascial Treatment Center we evaluate the CAUSE of pain and dysfunction to provide our clients with the necessary information they need about their bodies and how to care for them selves. Our clients receive customized home programs designed to support the permanency to the positive changes received in therapy and prevent future injury. Quite often we discover that a plantar fascia injury is actually resulting from structural deviation in the hip. Rotator cuff weakness and inflammation is often related to, among other things, overly developed pectoral muscles putting undue forward tension in the system and over stretching and weakening the rotator cuff.

Our one on one therapy sessions allows the time necessary to hear all the details in our patient's history and evaluate their entire system. Taking the extra time minimizes missing those details which can be very important in seeing the true medical picture of a patient.

Consider Corrective Exercise Specialty to assist you in transitioning back to full participation in your work outs.